Is your buddy still hanging out? This is how you get your debt

A new series will be launched on our blog titled Financial App of the Week. For the first time, we’re introducing Good Finance, which can put an end to the “who’s who” puzzle often played by friendships. In the app everyone can collect separately how much they have spent, who paid for their lunch, entrance fee, etc.

The program summarizes and tells you who else has to pay

At the end, the program summarizes and tells you who else has to pay the other. It can be just as useful for people living in a common household to keep track of what they pay for more.

Good Finance is available for both Android and iPhone, but you can easily edit your editions from a standard browser. When using the first one, make sure that you either register first from your phone or enter your email address and password on your computer rather than logging in to Facebook, as in the latter case you will not be able to log in to your mobile.

After entering, there are no such surprises

After entering, there are no such surprises

Everything is very simple and easy going. You first need to create a group, such as your home address or travel name, and invite those you live with or travel with. Then, when we pay for something, we put in a new account, tell us how much and who we share in the group, and Good Finance starts posting who belongs to whom.

With a lot of participants, the system will be really good, as we will see who we owe right away if it adds a new bill. What’s more, with a mobile device, you can capture an image of your account in a matter of seconds, preventing any quarrels.

When settling debts


The program simplifies and arranges the department without any debts. For example, if I owe Kata $ 300, but I owe Estina the same, Good Finance will offer to pay Kata straight to Estina and so on.

So the program can be useful in any group of friends or in any household where more people are paying their joint bills.

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