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Judi Rosen New York is seeking a full-time Store Manager and a full-time Marketing/Sales Associate

Image: JUDI ROSEN NEW YORK Who we are: JUDI ROSEN NEW YORK specializes in modern, progressive and sustainable clothing. As a woman-owned business, we want to create a warm, inviting and intimate shopping environment. We are looking for team members with an understanding of the aesthetics and ethics of JUDI ROSEN NEW YORK. Our ideal […]

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Twitter will let you sell products through its new store

If the Internet has succeeded in anything, it is to connect all the people of the world in the same place and with different concerns. Forums, blogs and social networks have helped many users to comment, share opinions and, of course, buy the products recommended by others. Therefore, any business will be happy to have […]

Store manager

Miami store manager and dozens of customers injured after being sprayed with bear spray by suspected candle thief, police say

A man injured at least 30 people by spraying bear mace in a suspected theft, police said. The incident took place at the Miami International Mall at a branch of Bath and Body Works. Dozens of people were injured as a result of the incident and a store manager was hospitalized. A suspect in Doral, […]

Store manager

Syracuse Family Dollar store manager attacked after confronting suspected thieves; the store is then robbed, police say

Syracuse, NY – A Family Dollar store manager was attacked Monday night after confronting someone he suspected of having previously robbed from the South Avenue store, Syracuse police said. The 52-year-old director came out to confront the person, who was with four other people, city police spokesman Sgt. said Matthew Malinowski. “The argument gets physical,” […]