Store manager


Being a dealership manager at House of CB means feeling empowered to run the business as if it were your own. Our successful dealership managers have exceptional business and leadership qualities and are overall accountable for maximizing sales and growing company profits. The Dealership Manager is responsible for ensuring an exceptional level of customer service and will lead by example to operate an organized and profitable space. The dealership manager will ensure full compliance as per brand guidelines.

Client experience:
• Responsible for creating and maintaining a positive, welcoming and personalized shopping experience at all touchpoints to ensure an exceptional level of customer service and satisfaction.
• Lead by example at all times to empower and inspire the team and exceed customer expectations by operating a compliant and efficient space.
• Identify future customer opportunities by understanding product and service requirements.
• Maintain presence on the ground to assist customers and ensure the team meets brand expectations.

Sales and Profits:
• Work innovatively and commercially within company guidelines to consistently drive, meet and exceed sales targets.
• Analyze sales and KPI reports and confidently take action to maximize results.
• Plan, implement and monitor store and payroll budgets to ensure they are not exceeded.
• Identify business opportunities and provide weekly feedback to senior management regarding product performance, operational procedures, sales techniques and customer experience.
• Actively protect profits and always avoid losses.

Visual haggling:
• Plan, manage and execute merchandising updates ensuring HOCB visual guidelines are fully reflected.
• Maintain consistent inventory levels to commercially manage space profitability and generate a positive customer experience.
• Delegate and manage daily replenishment, delivery and general organizational tasks.

People and cultures:
• Promote and work within an inclusive and diverse team to collectively meet customer and business needs.
• Recruit, hire and train an exceptional team that represents and projects the HOCB brand and vision.
• Identify and align talent with job functionality to ensure a positive and consistent customer experience.
• Actively train, develop and evaluate the team providing performance feedback to ensure growth and success.
• Follow HR processes and manage staffing schedules, vacations and payroll.
• Ensure and enforce health and safety routines to maintain the safety and general well-being of our customers and colleagues.

What we are looking for:
• 2+ years of retail leadership experience in a fast-paced environment
• Dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and generating profits
• Display exceptional communication skills to lead, inspire and develop talent
• Flexible working hours with availability on weekends
• Takes a business-minded approach and works with a sense of urgency

What we offer:
• Discount on the brand
• Monthly bonus for eligible employees
• Employee development program