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former local store manager facing felony charges for pocketing nearly $20,000 from business – WPXI

Police: Former local store manager faces felony charges for pocketing nearly $20,000 from business

SALEM TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A former Dollar General store manager is facing theft charges after police say he stole more than $18,000.

“For several nights in a row he started hoarding money and eventually wrote a note and then never came back to work,” said Private Steve Limani.

Austin Rider is facing felony charges for allegedly pocketing the money.

Rider worked as a general manager at the Dollar General Store off Route 22 in Salem Township.

Instead of dropping off the nightly drop bags, police said he would pocket the money himself – to the tune of around $18,000.

“Also, [we] did our investigation with the Dollar General security camera system which clearly depicts him at the end of each night taking the money,” Limani said.

“It’s even harder to believe someone would do something like that because you know you’re going to get caught.”

He left a note of apology for co-workers and reportedly said he needed money to move to Colorado.

Police say Rider returned about $1,700 to the store and promised to refund the rest, but gave the money to random people.

“He, at least, acknowledges the fact that he made a mistake and apologized, that still doesn’t take into account the fact that $18,000 was missing, a few odd dollars,” Limani explained.

Channel 11 contacted Rider.

He did not want to speak in person, but said:

“What was in the reports was all there was to say. there is nothing else to say.

Rider has no criminal history.

He is due to appear in court next month.