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I am an Aldi store manager and here are five ways to save money when shopping

ALDI is famous for its great prices – but you can shop for even less by following this supermarket manager’s top tips.

With Britons having to cough up more on essential bills from food to energy amid a cost of living crisis, you’ll want to know all the ways to save money.


Aldi store manager Paul Clarke explains how to save money on your groceries

It comes as the Tesco boss warned food prices will only rise.

While the cost of a weekly supermarket shop will rise by £180 a year as soaring inflation pushes up prices.

But if you’re an Aldi shopper, there are smart ways to pack your groceries for less, according to Paul Clarke, store manager for the supermarket.

Paul, who runs Aldi’s Poole store, explains how you can get up to 75% off fresh produce and 30% off ‘imperfect’ produce.

With six years of experience managing stores for the supermarket, he shares his top six tips for getting a good deal.

Get 75% Off Refrigerator Basics

When foods approach their expiration date, supermarkets often whip out these items at heavily discounted prices to move inventory.

All Aldi stores are reducing fridge staples like bread, meat, fruit and vegetables by 75% the day before their best before date.

You can spot these items because they have red stickers on them, showing you what you’ll save.

Prices are slashed before stores close – so be sure to time your department store to get the discounts.

“The times when items are reduced vary by store and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis – so be sure to keep an eye out for the red stickers the next time you walk down the aisles of Aldi,” said Paul.

“imperfect” goods

There is also another way to reduce your shopping money.

Keep an eye out for imperfect products to get up to 30% off them.

Aldi is dropping money on items that aren’t looking their best, such as dented cans and torn paper wrappers.

These products once again come with red stickers to let you know they are cheaper.

“Discount stickers again offer customers even lower prices while reducing waste – but be sure to keep your eyes peeled as they tend to go fast,” Paul said.

Offers “Super 6” bag

Every fortnight, Aldi selects six fruits and vegetables to offer shoppers at lower prices.

It also offers the same deal on fresh meat, says Paul.

Shoppers were happy when vegetables were reduced to 28p recently at Christmas, when sprouts, parsnips and more came at bargain prices.

Get “weird” vegetables

Get “wonky” vegetables at Aldi where the less appealing ones are offered for less money.

You’ll find carrots, raspberries, strawberries and more for less, Paul said.

Look for remnants of inspiration

Britons are wasting £720 on food a year by not using the food they have in the fridge in time.

But you can make the most of what you have and avoid wasting money by checking Aldi’s website for leftover recipe ideas.

“The next time you’re tempted to spend some money on takeout or go out for a bite to eat, take a look first at Aldi’s website for some inspiration for dinner time. dinner,” Paul said.

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