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I’m an Aldi store manager and here’s how to find secret sales and get up to 75% off

WE love Aldi – but did you know there are secret sales online and you can get up to 75% off?

The Sun spoke to store manager Nash Varsani for advice on the cheap supermarket.


We share an Aldi store manager’s top tips for shopping for less
Planning ahead and looking for items with red stickers are ways to save at Aldi


Planning ahead and looking for items with red stickers are ways to save at Aldi

The manager of the Little Venice store has worked for Aldi since 1997 and knows the supermarket chain inside out.

Below, he shares his insider tips for making the most of a visit to one of the UK’s cheapest supermarkets.


There’s a good window of opportunity for shopping, to make the visit less stressful, says Nash.

“If you’re looking for a quieter time to shop, Aldi stores are usually least crowded in the evening between 7pm and 10pm.

“Mid-morning to mid-afternoon between 10am and 3pm is normally our busiest time so plan your visit if you are flexible about when you can shop.”

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As for grabbing a bargain, Nash says you need to know this insider tip.

“Our legendary Aldi Specialbuys are always in demand and often sell out quickly.

“What a lot of shoppers don’t know is that we have a ‘Secret Sale’ section on our website where they can find Specialbuys that are no longer on sale in stores – and they’re normally even cheaper .”

You might want to grab a Specialbuy trolley while you’re there – the supermarket has made an extra long version so shoppers can more easily stock up on bargains in the center aisle.


If you’re not a member of the Aldi fan club, Nash suggests you could really benefit from it.

“There are thousands of passionate Aldi fans across the country. The Aldi Shoppers UK Facebook page brings together many of them to discuss their top tips and favorite products from Aldi.

“It’s worth signing up to the group if you’re on Facebook to see what the latest news and talk is about all things Aldi, including exciting new products due to be launched.”

You can also join other bargain hunter Facebook groups like Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

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Be sure to save your receipts at Aldi – it could give you a chance to win free shopping vouchers to spend at the store.

“If you like Aldi, you have to tell us,” says Nash.

“Sometimes customers don’t notice, but there’s a code on every receipt that gives them the chance to win £100 Aldi vouchers.

“All you have to do is leave reviews on our website and you’re ready to shout about winning – and £100 is a lot at Aldi!”


You may have heard of yellow-sticker foods — which can save you up to 75% on products close to their best-before date — but Aldi puts red stickers on foods it wants to change quickly.

It’s worth hunting the discount aisles for those red sticker bargains to get your grub for even less.

“One of the first tasks for my store team when we open each morning is to reduce the prices of all products on the last day of their shelf life. We put big red stickers on them so they’re easy to spot.

“The discounts are pretty deep – 30% at the start of the day, then 75% closer to closing time – so finding them is a great way to save even more money on your store.”


It goes without saying that planning is the key to making your Christmas shopping easier.

Nash says in-store, he’s seen his customers start shopping long before the big day.

“At this time of year, we start to see the most discerning shoppers buying their Christmas items over several weeks or months.

“It can help spread the cost over a few paychecks. Many of our customers start buying longer-lived products like frozen foods, drinks and Christmas puddings well in advance to lighten the load. when it comes to the last Christmas shop.”


Supermarkets usually reduce the price of Christmas vegetables as the big day approaches to entice customers to shop in their stores.

This year Lidl was the first supermarket to cut the price of vegetables to 19p – but Aldi will also cut costs.

“When it comes to purchasing these latest fresh festive items, our Super 6 offers have been extended to Christmas Vegetables from Thursday 16th December to Friday 24th December, where customers can complete their Christmas dinner with Brussels sprouts. , parsnips, potatoes, cabbage and rutabaga for just 19p per pack – with no compromise on quality.

“Not forgetting the main event of your Christmas dinner – in store from Sunday 19th December, our range of fresh whole turkeys and turkey wreaths raised in Britain, which truly offer top quality at an unbeatable price. “

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