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Introducing the nominees for the 2022 IMF Store Manager Category

February 22, 2022

By: Rebecca Daniels, Manager, Education, IMF

On the day we have set aside to celebrate hard-working supermarket workers by proclaiming it Supermarket Employees Day, it would be unfair not to recognize the special talents of those in the position of store manager. The store manager is the heart of local supermarkets around the world. These resilient leaders are emblematic of their company’s vision and values ​​as they lead their team members in-store and nurture their communities.

FMI is very proud and extremely pleased to shine the spotlight on hardworking, dedicated and deserving Store Managers each year through the Store Managers Awards program. This program was created to recognize and celebrate the best store manager talent in our industry. Store Manager Award nominations are submitted by peers and food retail companies to recognize outstanding managers who drive sales growth, effectively communicate company and store goals and objectives, demonstrate team leadership in their store/business, provide exceptional customer service through in-store programs and improve community relations.

Today, we are honored to announce the 138 nominees who have been recognized as exemplary store managers by their employers as worthy candidates for a store manager award. Please join me in celebrating our 2022 Store Manager Awards nominees:

See the nominees for the 2022 Store Manager Category Award

In April, FMI will name the top finalists in this class of Outstanding Store Managers and on April 28andwe will announce the final winners of the Store Manager Awards 2022 during a live virtual ceremony.

As we recognize this class of leaders and express our gratitude to all the dedicated supermarket heroes, we pay tribute to all the store managers who lead the local supermarket. We celebrate their commitment to taking on a challenging yet rewarding role as Store Manager and faithfully serving customers. This dedication of the store manager reflects the courage of the food industry. These leaders exemplify the strength of the food industry, and these nominees are a shining example of that strength as they move our industry forward.

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