Store manager

On-duty store manager unmoved by customer’s doody bathroom story: Strongsville Police Blotter


Harassment: Royalton Road

On November 16, a man came to the police station to report an incident that had just occurred at the Royalton Road Costco.

He told an officer that while in the toilet he accidentally stepped in some feces. Then the man asked a duty manager for a new pair of shoes.

Not only was the customer’s request denied, but he was also asked to leave the store. The man said the manager’s behavior was confrontational.

The officer told the buyer to contact Costco about the incident.

Obscene Talker: Cherry Tree Drive

On November 16, a resident of Cherry Tree Drive called police about a man sitting in a silver SUV. The caller said the man, who was outside his window, was chatting with the woman’s upstairs neighbor.

During their conversation, he made lewd comments about the caller. An arriving officer could not locate the lewd gossip.

Threatening: Timberline Drive

On November 16, a man called the police after receiving a threatening call while driving to his mother’s home on Timberline Drive. The caller said the suspect not only threatened to do harm, but also knew his mother’s name.

An officer advised the suspect to leave the man alone.

Lawyer Complaint: Adams Drive

On November 16, a resident of Adams Drive called police about a woman in a red hat and tan coat going door to door in his neighborhood. The caller said the woman did not appear “legitimate”.

An arriving officer could not find the lawyer.

Suspicious behavior: Valley Parkway

On Nov. 16, a concerned passerby called police after seeing an elderly woman sitting in the trunk of a vehicle parked along Valley Parkway. An officer located the woman, who was fine. She told the officer she was just enjoying nature.

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