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Rosemont-US Foods expands its network of stores

ROSEMONT – US Foods Holding Corp. announced plans to open two new US Foods CHEF’STORE stores in Visalia, California and Lynchburg, Virginia.

CHEF’STORE is a one-stop-shop for restaurateurs, food industry professionals, community groups and home chefs to quickly stock, restock or refill ingredients and supplies in a variety of sizes and flavors. offers.

US Foods acquired Smart Foodservice Warehouse stores in April 2020 to accelerate the growth of the cash-and-carry market and rebranded all Smart Foodservice Warehouse stores as US Foods CHEF’STORE in February last year. With the addition of the two new stores, US Foods will have 82 CHEF’STORE locations across the continental United States.

Based in Rosemont, US Foods is one of the leading foodservice distributors in the United States, partnering with approximately 300,000 restaurants and foodservice operators to help these businesses succeed.