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Sound familiar? Blackmagic Design Launches Impressive ‘Cloud Store’ Network Storage Solutions

During today’s DaVinci Resolve Cloud Update live stream, Blackmagic Design unveiled brand new hardware products called Cloud Store. A high-performance, DropBox-compatible network storage solution designed for film and TV productions, Cloud Store allows multiple editors to work on the same projects simultaneously.

If Blackmagic’s Cloud Store design looks familiar, it’s not just you. The unit features the same design as Blackmagic’s eGPU and eGPU Pro products released a few years ago for Intel Macs. Although the units look almost identical on the outside, the innards, I/O and overall capabilities of the machine, as you can imagine, are wildly different.

Blackmagic Cloud Store Specifications

  • High-speed M.2 flash memory in RAID 5 configuration for redundancy
  • 2 USB-C ports
  • 4 x 10G Ethernet ports
  • Integrated 10G Ethernet switch
  • 2 x 1G Ethernet ports
  • 1 HDMI output for monitor connectivity
  • Read-only button
  • Dual power supplies for redundancy
  • Runs the Blackmagic operating system
  • DropBox Sync for Proxy Media
  • 20TB ($9,995), 80TB ($29,995), and 320TB (BTO) options
  • Available Q2
  • Supports DaVinci Resolve 18

Blackmagic states that the reason they used the same design as the Blackmagic eGPU is that they wanted the unit to fit into a modern post-production setup, so it had to be attractive. Indeed, one of the most compelling aspects of the Blackmagic eGPU was its beautiful design, so the same point applies to the Blackmagic Cloud Store.

Priority has also been given to portability. Unlike a traditional NAS machine with extremely heavy hard drives in a bulky enclosure, the Blackmagic Cloud Store has a relatively portable design.

Priority was also given to noise, or lack thereof. NAS and DAS enclosures tend to make noise due to audible fans, but Blackmagic points out that the unit is quiet. If the Cloud Store uses the same fans as the Blackmagic eGPU, I can vouch for its relative silence.

The Cloud Store is far from a dumb machine, as it runs a custom Blackmagic operating system; it also has a built-in 10G Ethernet switch with four 10GbE ports allowing you to connect up to four different computers to high-speed Ethernet. And when connecting to slower networks, there are also two 1GbE ports.

In addition to Ethernet connectivity, there are two USB-C ports – one for ingesting footage from a high-speed source like a CFExpress drive, and one for backing up Cloud Store content to an external drive. Finally, there is an HDMI port for monitoring the status of the Blackmagic Cloud Store via a Blackmagic OS GUI.

Because it will allow multiple users to access projects at the same time, the Blackmagic Cloud Store looks like a compelling storage solution for medium to large sized production houses using DaVinci Resolve. With 10G connectivity becoming all the more widespread – it’s a build-to-order option on machines like the Mac mini, and comes standard on the Mac Studio – the Blackmagic Cloud Store makes a lot of sense. For some workflows, the Blackmagic Cloud Store could eventually replace much more expensive SAN systems.

The Cloud Store should ship in about a month, with the 20TB model priced very reasonably at $9,995. Keep in mind this is a real 20TB of usable space, even though configured with RAID 5. This means there is actually more storage in these units than advertised in due to RAID redundancy.

But what if that price is out of your budget or you’re not working at a big production house? Blackmagic also launched the Cloud Store Mini today with it. 8 TB of storage. The rack-mountable mini has a single 10G Ethernet port and a USB port that functions as a 10GbE adapter when connected to your Mac. Although not as fast as the full-size model, it still has high-speed cooled flash memory. The Cloud Store Mini launches today for $2,995.

But that’s not all… Blackmagic is also launching the Blackmagic Cloud Pod, which is a BYOD (bring your own drive) setup with 10GbE connectivity and two USB-C ports for connecting up to two drives at the same time. It also has an HDMI port for monitoring and a 12V DC power input. The Cloud Pod launches today for $395.

Do you use DaVinci Resolve? What do you think of the Blackmagic Cloud Store, Cloud Store Mini and Cloud Pod?

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