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Store manager brawls with shoplifter and stops her from stealing $500 worth of wigs | News

TUCSON (KVOA) — An employee of a southern company was the victim of a violent shoplifting on Monday, and everything was watched.

The incident happened at WABA, Hair and Beauty Supply. It is located on South Sixth Avenue and Interstate-10.

Monday morning, according to employees, a woman came in, grabbed a dozen wigs from boxes and tried to run out of the store.

Maria Hurtado is the store manager. She said that by working in retail you develop a sixth sense, so she kept an eye on her, and when the shoplifter tried to run out of the store, she tried to walk away. ‘Stop.

Surveillance showed a confrontation, the woman ditched the wigs, and Hurtado said she wasn’t going to let her get away with $500.00 worth of merchandise.

“Why would she take things, other people have to pay, it doesn’t make sense,” Hurtado said. “It affects everyone in the end. We end up charging more and paying more.”

The store manager asks people to take a good look at the woman and call the police if they know who she is.

WABA is not the only store to suffer from shoplifting. Next to WABA is BBB Fashion.

The owner told News 4 Tucson that there were people trying to steal goods on a daily basis.

One of their employees was also attacked about two years ago when the shoplifter attempted to leave the store with several hundred dollars worth of merchandise.

“He pushed me, and he was running and so I was running with him, he punched me and I had bruises,” said Crystian Canez, the employee who was assaulted.

Hurtado has a message for shoplifters.

“Don’t do it, honestly it’s not worth it, it’s a waste of time. Just get a job,” Hurtado said.

If you recognize the woman, you are asked to call the police or 88 CRIME.

In the past, the police said it was not a good idea to confront these people because you never know if they have a weapon.

Police told News 4 Tucson this is a shoplifting/theft case and an assault charge will likely be added.