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Store manager credits dog with saving clerk’s life in shootout with 2 thieves in Wissinoming – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A 32-year-old store clerk is recovering after participating in a shootout with two would-be armed robbers in the Wissinoming section of Philadelphia early Tuesday morning, police say. It happened on the 5500 block of Torresdale Avenue just before 4 a.m.

The store manager says the seller is fine. The manager says he himself is lucky to be alive. He assigns his dog which he calls Bullet.

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Security video shows the times two would-be thieves rushed into Big A, a convenience store on Torresdale Avenue in the city’s Wissinoming section early Tuesday morning.

“Two people come with a big gun and a small gun, they come straight up and put the gun to the girl’s head and my head and say don’t move,” Big A manager Sammy Aloubehi said.

The store manager says a suspect pointed a gun at his clerk. The video shows the clerk sitting on the sofa. Then a dog jumps on the suspect before the clerk pulls out a gun and shoots. The suspect is seen running away before the second suspect shoots the clerk multiple times.

The director showed Eyewitness News one of the bullet holes and a casing.

“It was going to kill someone for no reason,” Aloubehi said.

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According to the police, the clerk was beaten four times. She is now receiving treatment at Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital.

“She is fine,” Aloubehi said. “She is going better.”

The store manager also believes the robbery could have turned deadly if not for his dog named Bullet. Surveillance video shows Bullet jumping on the would-be thief, getting in his way just as the clerk shoots the suspect.

“If he didn’t move the guy and cover him, he would shoot the girl before she shot him,” Aloubehi said. ” He helped. … He saved my life and his.

No arrests have been made, but police say one of the suspects who fled the store left his gun behind.

The police also recovered the gun which the clerk fired.

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