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The City of Peoria will cover damages

PEORIA (Heart of Illinois ABC) — The manager of a Peoria business damaged by a police cruiser last month said the city will now cover the cost of repairs.

According to a police report, an officer in a patrol car was pursuing a burglary suspect around 2.15am on February 21. The car slid on ice through the intersection of Sheridan and Virginia while cornering, hitting the front of the Peoria store with the side of the vehicle when attempting to brake. Director Taha Alrawi says an expert estimates the damage at around $17,000.

On Monday, the city called Taha’s brother, who owns the business, vocally confirming that they would pay for the repairs. Alrawi hopes accountability will continue in situations like these.

“If I didn’t have cameras outside, if I didn’t have any of this outside, would the city have recognized it? I have no idea,” he said. “Let’s hope they recognize other things they do.”

The damage is already being repaired. The old wood is stripped and new glass panels are already in place. However, the city added that its cost estimate was different from that of the adjuster, but would not provide the amount.

Alrawi says no timeframe was given for when the payment would be made.

“As long as we have their word that they recognize it, as long as we have their word that they will fix it, I don’t care how long it takes,” he adds.

Alrawi says the police department previously said it would not pay for damage to the storefront, citing the fact that officers were on duty when the accident happened. Alrawi says insurance is not an option for his business due to a series of crimes that have erupted over the past year in this region. This includes a shooting that occurred on Sunday morning and the murder of 15-year-old Dequwan Pruitt last year.

We contacted the city for comment, but received no response.

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