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TV Reporter Heckles Haldiram’s Store Manager on “Urdu Print” on Snack Packet

At a time when azaan, halal and many other Islamic traditions as well as Muslim traders are facing setback in several states across India, a viral video showing a furious exchange between a TV reporter and the director of a Haldiram outlet has now sparked a debate over Urdu. on social media platforms.

In the video, a journalist from Sudarshan TV, who gained infamy for his instigator show ‘UPSC Jihad’, is seen asking a Haldiram store manager about ‘Arabic script’ on the back of a bundle of products.

Claiming that the information about the “Falhari Mixture” snack is printed in Urdu, the journalist repeatedly calls out to the store manager: “What are you trying to hide? Why is some information written in Urdu?

She also went on a tirade about how the “Urdu script” on the packaging “betrayed Hindus who fast during Navratri”.

What drew the store manager’s praise on social media was her response to the TV reporter. “I don’t owe you an explanation. You can do whatever you want ma’am, Haldiram won’t accept such outbursts,” she says in the video.

She also goes on to tell the reporter that the product information is written in three languages ​​based on the customer communities they get – English, Hindi and Urdu. “Why don’t you read the language you know? Instead, why do you blame Urdu? »