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TWIC shows what the C-store channel can do to accelerate change

Did you know that since 2014, more than 400 women in the convenience industry have been recognized in Convenience Store News’ Best Women in Convenience (TWIC) rewards program?

These accomplished women leaders have included retailers, suppliers and wholesalers. They range from senior executives to store managers. They represented all professional disciplines in the industry, from merchandising and marketing to technology, human resources and national and regional sales managers.

In Chicago last October, 74 outstanding women who have had a positive impact on the convenience store industry were honored at our 2021 TWIC Awards Gala. More than 300 people from the industry came to pay tribute to these women leaders. Attendees included the CEOs of the three largest convenience store chains, as well as dozens of other leaders on the retail and supplier side of the business.

You’d be hard pressed to find another issue that has such enthusiastic support from the entire convenience industry.

Like us open applications for our 2022 TWIC awards, we have another exciting announcement to make. This year, to reward companies that are committed to gender equality and the promotion of women leaders, CSNews is proud to launch the TWIC Corporate Empowerment Award. The criteria for this new award were established by the TWIC Advisory Board, which consists of the long-time program major sponsors and the five TWIC Women of the Year 2021.

The winner of the TWIC Corporate Empowerment Award will be the retail company that most effectively advocates for women in its networks, workplaces and communities. It will be an organization that leads the way in empowering women in leadership roles. He will be a champion for the inclusion of women in the company’s goals and vision. Examples include advancements in board composition, promotions to leadership positions, and relevant professional development.

This award is currently open for nominations. To nominate your business, all you have to do is answer the questions on the application form, which can be found on The deadline for nominations is April 1. The winner will be notified by the end of May and will be recognized prominently in the August issue of CSNews. The award will be presented at the 2022 TWIC Awards gala in Las Vegas on October 2.