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Unable to access Nintendo’s Wii Store channel at this time

Photo: Nintendo Live

If you’ve been trying to access the Wii Shop Channel in the past few days, you may not have had much luck. According to Nintendo Everything, the digital store “was having major issues”.

Supposedly, it’s impossible to access the storefront at all – instead, you’ll see a “blank screen” on startup that possibly follows an error code. Nintendo’s online maintenance page didn’t mention any issues either (thanks, GoNintendo).

GameXplain He also took a look – highlighting how team members who are outside of the US, in areas like Europe, have encountered the same issue.

Although Nintendo halted game sales on the Wii Store Channel in 2019, the current bug means anyone who wants to access existing downloads and purchases can’t do so now. Nintendo has previously said it will stop downloads to the Wii “at some point,” but it has never said when users will no longer be able to download games again.

Recently, Nintendo announced that it will be shutting down the 3DS eShop and Wii U eShop by March 2023. Although users cannot purchase games, they will still be able to download previous purchases.

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